Soccer or football is one hugely popular sport.0

adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard (Anodized Purple Infrared Electricity Medium)2Soccer or football is one hugely popular sport. This game is played on all continents in the world. There are minor variations of the game like Canadian Football or Rugby League. But essentially the game involves the action of kicking a ball with the foot to score a ‘goal’. Players of two competing teams often come very close to each other, thereby increasing the chances of somebody getting hit severely by the ball or even by other player’s foot. The victim would invariably be injured in the shin area due to the hits, if sufficient safety measures are not taken. The concept of shin guards was developed to avoid such injuries. Metallic shin armors which were used in olden days during the wars were customized to serve a similar purpose during games like football.

Passage of time saw the changes from metal to leather or to the special fabric for use as a shin guard. The advent of new technology in the manufacture of shin guards, transformed the whole picture and newer materials were invented to suit the purpose of providing adequate protection to shin. Weight, durability and ease of use were prime elements in deciding right combination of materials to make perfect shin guards. The heavy shin guards used few decades back are replaced by lightweight material, which is equally strong. Continuous upgradation of product development has helped the shin guards attain perfection.

Every sports player is recommended to wear the shin guards to protect their ankle and shin bone. Whether a person is playing soccer or just starting the first level of training, he needs shin guards to protect him from injury. Wearing them is one mandatory requirement for the competition. It is necessary for all age groups to get shin guards that fit them properly without any hassles. Finding a perfect shin guard is a work of skill and finding the right one is a great effort. Shin guard sizes are needed to be perfect. They should be selected as per your height and there are numerous guides that help you find the correct size.

Top most shin guards

There are many shin guards in the market that are made with different materials and suit every player’s need. It can be slightly difficult to decide which one is the best shin guard. They are made for every game and provide the best protection and save the players from injuries. You can go through all available options and then choose the one that suits all your requirements. Here are details of some of the top most shin guards.

Franklin Sports Superlight Shin Guards (Assorted Colors)-h1. Franklin Superlight Shin GuardFranklin super light shin guard is available in different colors and have a lightweight construction with chrome accented symmetrical design. It is made up of high density foam. This protective gear features a self stick strap which has double adjustment. Furthermore, it has high density abrasion resistant shield that resists the shocks and crashes during the game. The best features of the shin guard include the abrasion resistant shell, cool lining, machine washable, air dry, no sweat, on field comfortable feel and assorted colors. This shin guard is available online and they just vanish from the stores when they come. The shin guards are very easy to wash and are worth the money.

Adidas Club Shin Guard-h2. Adidas Club Shin Guard – The Adidas shin guard comes from the most renowned family that makes the best sports equipments and is one of the leaders in manufacturing them across the globe. The Adidas Shin guard is available in Black, Metallic Silver and Ultra pop pink. The guards are the perfect size of the players that need the best. The light weight of these guards makes no interference in the play as they fit comfortably and fit ideally. The single strap of the guard has an ankle sock and adjustable guard. The soft and the durable cushioning and the soft synthetic lining of the guard make it a great choice for all games.

NIKE Mercurial Lite Shin Pad-h3. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Pad – The Nike shin guard is the lightest in weight and are extremely comfortable. The guards come with a Dry fit fabric sleeve that avoids sweat and moisture in the guard. The strapless fit is the best part of the guard. It has a poly lining for a soft feel and they are NOCSAE certified. The sleeves can be separately washed, but the guards are made of hard plastic and they can be rinsed or washed with soap.

Markwort Ultimate Soccer Shin Guards-h4. Markwort Ultimate Soccer Shin Guard – Markwort shin guards offer long protection and they make a comfortable pair of guards due to their strapless design. They are the ultimate impact when it comes to the protection of the player. The guards have foam lined and a rugged hard shell insert. The main concern of the guard is that they fit only players that over 5 feet 5 inches. You can get shin guards in different colors and are available online. The guards stay in the place and are very light in weight. The guards can resist high impact blows in the middle of the game and protect the shins. Markwort Ultimate Soccer Shin Guards are available in different sizes, and hence, anyone can use these guards, from kids to adults. In addition, these Shin Guards are washable. Adults as well as children can wear this Markwort Ultimate Soccer Shin Guards easily.

Macgregor Plastic Shin Guards-h5. Macgregor Plastic Shin Guards – The Macgregor Plastic Shin Guards are available in plastic foam backing and are easy to wear. These guards are ideal for youth and young ones that have just started playing the game. They are available online and are comparatively cheaper. They fit nicely and are light in weight. The Macgregor Plastic Shin Guard protects players from injuries, while playing. It is a lightweight shin guard, but at the same time, it is sturdy enough to provide protection.

Adidas Nova Lite Shin Guard (Black Metallic Silver Size Large)-h6. Adidas Nova Lite Shin Guards – Adidas Nova Lite shin guards are useful for people of all age groups and of all kinds of body structures. A complete range from medium to extra large sizes available makes it suitable to fit everyone. This shin guard offers a complete sense of safety. Metallic silver and Black are most sought after colors. Special design with internal strap arrangement provides adequate ankle protection. The gear, true to the name, makes users, feel free with numerous features including light in weight. Though the weight of shin guard is reduced, the safety angle is not compromised at all. In fact, safety is a prime concern while designing such products.

EvoShield PX3 NOCSAE Soccer Shin Guard-h7. EvoShield PX3 Shin Guards – EvoShield PX3 Shin Guard is a good option for all amateur as well as professional players of outdoor sports. A good protective gear from a reputed company fits perfectly. It is easy to use and features flexibility. In addition, this scientifically designed gear features air permeability. It is light in weight and provides a complete protection to the required area. Simple and hassle free protective gear provides comfort without any sweaty experience, as it is made up of special material. All features make it a worth investment gear. This is a stylish yet very comfortable and sturdy shin guard.

adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard (Anodized Purple Infrared Electricity Medium)-h8. Adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard – The Adidas shin guard is super lightweight gear. It is comfortable yet highly protective. This shin guard is one of the best sports accessories one should have. This Adidas shin guard is recommended for all players of every field game. This product is made to hold up well and stay in place. It protects the body and allows the player to move and play at ease. Made using 100% polypropylene, this guard features a soft lining which makes the player feel comfortable while playing. In addition, the high comfort front plate and the slip in the construction of the guard are very easy. Long lasting yet soft cushions provide comfort and full support. This guard comes without any strapping. You can purchase them online.

Regent Mitre Recoil IP Shin Guard-h9. Regent Sports Shin Guard – The Regent Sports Shin Guard features detachable guards which can be easily worn and removed on and off the field. It is comfortable and keeps the guard in place. This protective gear provides complete protection with a great coverage. Further, it does not cause any kind of skin rashes when worn. It features Velcro tips that are useful to get the grip. You can get Shin Guards online. When ordered online, the product comes in an excellent product package. The product features a warranty as well. This product is available in different sizes.

Franklin Sports ACD Sockfeets Shin Guard Colors May Vary-h10. Franklin sock feet pee-wee Shin Guards – This protective gear by Franklin features a modern air cooling design. It also features an anti-scratch shell for more comfort. Curved design makes it very sturdy and comfortable. A player can feel the grip and comfort of this protective gear. It is available in different colors. It has the ‘see through’ shell which keeps the socks cool. Furthermore, the froth reduces the impact. In general shin guards come in a packet of 6 or less. It has the moisture management feature which protects the skin from any kind of itching sensation. This shin guard can be purchased online easily. It can be shipped within the United States and some selected countries outside the United States as well. Franklin Shin Guards do not roll down from the leg. The shin guards are very comfortable and ideal socks for kids of around 4 to 5 years old. These shin guards are very easy and washable. The socks do not slip around near the ankle. The guard is irremovable and if worn inside the socks it is more soothing.

Shin guards are essential to protect a player from serious leg injury. The key to choosing the right shin guard is finding one that provides you enough protection as well as comfort. Designs vary widely. Remember, the larger the surface area of the guard, the less likely you are to get hurt. The best shin guard will offer higher security and lower the risk of suffering permanent or serious injury and damage.

Before buying the shin guards, stay updated with the best available protection gears that provide you with ultimate game safety. As shin guards play a key role in a player’s safety, it is necessary to choose them wisely. In any game, the safety is essentially important and every player should follow safety measures to avoid accidents in the field. All players, coaches, members and volunteers should have the knowledge of the shin guards and their importance. All players should be trained in the safe handling of the equipment. Furthermore, they should get well acquainted with the potential dangers related to the game they are playing.

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