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Evoshield Px3 Nocsae Soccer Shin GuardProduct Introduction:

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. Tens of millions of soccer enthusiasts are seen playing this sport every day. Since this is a field game with brisk activities of legs and feet, adequate protective equipment becomes a must for players. Shin guard is thus an essential gear during soccer. Presently, during play of all official matches, it is mandatory for all players to wear Shin guards. In the game of soccer, goalkeeper and forward players need lightest guards, allowing fast movements, as an absolute necessity. Midfielders and forwards went for heavier guards as they actually face maximum tackles and accompanying dangers of hits on the shin. The guards have saved the saved the agony of pain to the players, by providing safety.

Not long ago, Shin guards were made from large pads, designed to protect whole leg. Over the years they have become smaller and smaller, both in size and weight. This protective gear is available in various alternative materials and specifications. Metal, plastic, rubber, foam were and still are used in the manufacture of Shin guards. Modern research has provided many useful lightweight but strong synthetic materials resulting in very convenient forms. Newer versions are entering the market periodically. You can get shin guards of your choice at ease. There are dozens of companies offering many variations of Shin guards. The basic function of these protective gears is simple. They are meant to protect a player’s shin. They are in the form of pads and are to be fastened to the legs to provide adequate safety cover to the shins.

Evoshield Px3 Shin GuardsEvoShield is offering a very useful product, EvoShield PX3 NOCSAE Soccer Shin Guard. EvoShield is in the business of providing state of the art protective gears to all athletes. Sports activities are so safe now with use of right protective gear like EvoShield Soccer Shin Guard. EvoShield is providing protective gears players of many outdoor sports. They are using a new technology for designing and creating the material. The new technology allows the pads to disperse the forces of impact on the shin, thereby minimizing the thrust.

Product Details:

Weight: 12 Ounces

Sizes : Small, Medium and Large, as per Shin size

NOCSAE Protection Standard: Compliant

Packing: Foil Pouch

Contents: 2 Shin Shields with 2 Compression sleeves and Gauzes.

The directions for use indicate that the operation of putting the guards on a player’s shin is simple and hassle free.

The simple procedure is followed. Foil pouch containing shin guards needs to be simply rip-opened. The contents are specially designed chemically. The soft pads inside react with atmospheric moisture and turns them into hard material. The material is specially made so that body movements are not hampered, giving full freedom for body maneuvers. The guard perfectly hugs the shin providing total protection to required area. The pads are designed in such a way that mesh layers surrounding them allow air to pass through. The pads actually can breathe. This makes the players comfortable. No sweaty experience at all. Thus, all requirements of ideal shin guards are met.

Evoshield Shin Guards


  • Ease of Use
  • Scientific Design
  • Flexibility
  • Air Permeability
  • Light-weight


The procedure of fitting is for an individual player. Since the pad takes the contour of individual’s shin, it cannot be used by other persons.


EvoShield PX3 Shin Guards become a natural choice for all amateur or professional players of outdoor sports. The advantages listed outweigh heavily against slight disadvantage of individuality. Every player can and must have protective gear to fit perfectly. There are several other variants of Shin guards in the market, but they all lack one or more of the special characteristics of EvoShield product. This company is in this business since last seven years and has established its credentials quite emphatically. They have already made a mark. Continuous upgrade of technology has provided EvoShield an edge over other products. The very idea of having EvoShield PX3 Shin Guards in place can boost confidence level of players giving them winning ability in competitive matches. You can take all points into consideration and then buy the best shin guards of your choice easily.


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