Adidas Nova Lite Shin Guard (Black, Metallic Silver, Size Large)0

Adidas Nova Lite Shin GuardProduct Introduction:

Soccer or football is one of the most beloved sports. This game is enjoyed in almost every continent in the world. This interesting game is all about scoring goals by kicking a ball by the foot. As kicking and foot action is involved in this game, there are major chances of foot injury. Furthermore, players of two competing teams often come very close. Due to this, there are more chances of someone getting hit severely by the ball or even by other player’s foot. If safety measures are not followed, there are major concerns of serious injuries. Foot particularly the shin area can get damaged due to the hits. To avoid such injuries, the concept of shin guards was developed. Different materials were used for shin guard like metal to leather or to special fabric. With the advent of new technology, newer materials are now used to suit the purpose of providing enough protection to shin. Ease of use, weight and durability were key factors while deciding correct combination of materials to get the perfect shin guards. A few decades back, heavy shin guards were used, which are now replaced by light weight material, without compromising its strength. Continuous upgrade of product development has helped the shin guards attain perfection and thus are counted as one of the best shin guards.

The name Adidas does not need any introduction. Adidas is sportswear redefined. Their popularity and market penetration in every item they manufacture is astonishing. Now they have come out with shin guard, with many variants. Adidas Nova Lite Shin guard is the product developed with a view of providing safety to a player’s body, the shin part. It appears that Adidas has put in an enormous amount of thinking on how to make it one of the best shin guards. Every time Adidas puts an item in the market, experts feel that the products would change the trends. Adidas Nova Lite shin guard is one such product. A closer look at the characteristics of this protective gear, reveal many underlying beauties, which otherwise go unnoticed.

Shin Guards For Soccer

Product Details:

  • Sizes : Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • Colors : Black and Metallic Silver
  • Fitting : Apt for everybody
  • Ankle Protection : Provided with strap closure arrangement
  • Soft Cushioning : For added comfort
  • Lightweight

Adidas Nova Lite shin guards can be used by people of all age groups and of all types of body structures. Full range from medium to extra large sizes fit everybody to provide a complete sense of safety. Black and Metallic Silver are most sought after colors. Use of special material in the manufacture of this range of shin guards, ensures close fitting to shin contours. Adequate ankle protection is guaranteed with special internal strap arrangements. True to the name, the gear is light in weight, making the users feel at ease. The weight of shin guard is reduced without compromising the safety angle. In fact safety is of paramount importance in such products.


Best Shin GuardsAdidas Nova Lite Shin Guard has successfully provided protection to soccer players because of the special design incorporated during manufacture. The colors of Black or Metallic Silver look aesthetically blending with environment. Cushioning is provided from all sides to ensure fullest comfort without reducing safety standards. The biggest advantage lies in the lightness of the wear. The shin guards contain a special elastomer material, which imparts flexibility and toughness simultaneously.


Dual Strap closing arrangements may not work very efficiently every time. An alternative system can be envisaged.


Adidas Nova Lite Shin Guards provide a very economical, yet efficient protective system, for all football players. The simplicity of the product results in attracting end users and thus these shin guards are counted as one of the best shin guards. The full potential of shin guards can be judged by actual usage in the field. Adidas has finely maintained a balance between the product quality and price. People can make informed choice, based on hard facts and the credentials of the provider and get shin guard of their choice.


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