adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard (Anodized Purple, Infrared, Electricity, Medium)1

Adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard Product Introduction:

Shin Guards are the piece of protection for many types of sports. The player wears them on the shin for better safety as it gives protection from injury. There are lots of brands that make fine quality shin guards and provide all types of protective measures. A lot of games have made the shin guards mandatory that makes the player protection on priority. The games that use the shin guards are soccer, cricket, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby and taekwondo.

The modern day shin guards are made of different materials and are not limited to the traditional use of materials. The design of the Adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard is the best quality shin guard that is designed to give better protection and the gear is stronger to make the athletes faster with support and protection. These shin guards are inspired from the design of the armor that was used by the Romans and Greeks.

Product Details:

F50 Pro Lite Shin GuardsShin Guards are also called as shin pads as they are worn on shins. Adidas group has been known for manufacturing the topmost sports equipment and is one of the top most brands on the globe. They make the sports equipment for all sports level. All the players and athletes feel a great connection with the brands and sports equipment at all levels. They make sports equipment and accessories that add value to the game. The Adidas shin guards are very light in weight, comfortable and amazing. They are one of the best sports accessories one can ask for. These Adidas shin guards are recommended for all those who play soccer or any field game. The product is made to hold up well and stay in place. The shin guards protect the body and allow the player to play without worrying. They match well to the Adidas footwear, socks and soccer balls and are made with 100% polypropylene. The guards have a soft lining which makes the player feel comfortable while playing. Furthermore, the high comfort front plate and the slip in the construction of the guard is very easy. The soft and the long lasting cushions of the guard provide full support. The guards are lightweight and without any strapping. The super light feel of the shin guards is a great plus point of the product. The hard plate protection of the Adidas guards makes them ready for full thrashing and crashing during the game. They are a pair of perfect work and are made with full understanding of protective factor. Locally if they are purchased, they might be expensive, but they are also available at online websites where the shipping is fast and you might end up getting a few deals. The feel of the guards is so good that the players can barely feel they are on. It is a great product from Adidas.


  • F50 Shin GuardsLight in weight
  • Great feel
  • Very comfortable
  • Available online with excellent deals
  • Perfect and ideal for protection
  • Super light in feel
  • The hard plate is made for rough play
  • Soft lining
  • Compression sleeve makes the blood flow easier
  • Available online at a cheaper rate


  • Needs to work on the design
  • Convey the correct size to avoid confusion


A great product overall which perfectly fits the shins. The Adidas shin guards are a bit expensive than the other competitive products in the market, but they are the best and worth the price. Lots of features and made with amazing material makes the Adidas shin guards a well made product. These shin guards are definitely recommended. Still you can go through available options, consider hard facts and then decide.


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